High pressure pump station with folding crane arm and winch

High pressure pump station with folding crane arm and winch

New modification for pumping water in the career

New modification for pumping water in the career

Pumping station with electric motor

Pumping station with external fuel tank

Watering and fire stations

100 kW, 189 kW

Mobile pumping stations

 of different capacities with an alarm system

Pumping station with signaling

 by light and sound signal and automatic stop

Mobile diesel pumping stations

Diesel pumping stations 26 kW

Mobile diesel pump station SNV (e) 200-60 sh

189 kW full package

Diesel pump station 100-60

Pump station for irrigation canals

Pump station SNP 500-10

SNP 500-10 for water channels

Flood - Installation of a pumping station

Transcarpathia, Ukraine

Pumping units for fisheries

Pumping stations for water leveling

Pumps for pressure boosting

Pumping stations for quarries

Pumps for liquidation of flood consequences

Motor-pumps for the Ministry of Emergencies

Remote control with alarm

Testing of a diesel pumping station

test stend

Diesel unit 400 hp at the stand

Kiev, Ukraine

Diesel pumping units

SNV(d) 100-60

Motor pump: diesel FTP, pump ROVATTI

for irrigation

Covered units for irrigation

Irrigation – pumping units

Pumps for fire monitors settings

Pumps for drip irrigation

Motor-pumps for drip irrigation

Export model of the diesel pump station

Diesel pump stations at INTERAGRO-2014

HYDRAULIC IMPACT at a pump station

Pump operation on water drawdown in an open cast mine

Pump stations

Configure to order

Diesel-powered pump with SMS alerting

Pump station 26 kW

Diesel fuel consumption – 3l/h

Pump station with a capacity of 300kW

1000m3/h, 100m

Diesel pump assemblies

Bulk order

Diesel pump stations – shipment to a sea carrier

Diesel-powered stations, PozhTekh-2014

Mass production pump station

We produce series of pump stations

Diesel pump stations

African order

8-cilinder pump stations

Testing stand for diesel pump stations

Our first diesel pump station

2007 year

Pump stations modifications

Diesel-powered pump stations for irrigation

Diesel pump stations on chassis

Pump units 6000V, 10000V

Pumps for open cast mines

Diesel pump stations for fish farms

Diesel pump station 1000m3/h

СНВ(д) 30-30 and Smart will deliver

Flood control pump equipment

Diesel power pumps for MES, PozhTekh-2013

Diesel power pump at INTERAGRO-2013 exhibition

Diesel pump stations on chassis

Diesel power pumps for emergency works, PozhTekh-2012

Pump stations at AGRO-2011 exhibition

Diesel pump stations at AGRO-2010 exhibition

Pump stations in the sprinkler systems

Diesel stations for irrigation

Pump stations for irrigation

Pump stations for open cast mines

Pumping out of diesel water pumps by water in case of flood in Transcarpathia, Ukraine

Dewatering with a pumping unit in case of flood

Transcarpathia, Ukraine

Diesel pump station with Lambordini engine

LDW 1603

Fire diesel pump station in the set

for filling stations and oil bases 

Pumping unit in the quarry

depressions in a career

Pumping unit with diezel engine MMZ


Motor pump for water canals

Kyiv, Ukraine

Pumping unit for sprinkler

Mykolaiv region, Ukraine

Pump stations for drip irrigation

Kherson region, Ukraine

Pumping station on the channel

pumping water into the canal

Pumping stations help to fight floods

Transcarpathia, Ukraine

Diesel fire extinguishing station

Fire pump for warehouses

Fire-fighting pumping unit up to 12 atm

Pump for fire extinguishing systems

Fire pump for

oil storage