Floods in Transcarpathian region


May 2010

It was pouring with rains in Transcarpathian region at night of Friday, June 4. As a result of heavy rains in some localities, including Uzhgorod, many streets were waterlogged, the water has penetrated even into the basements of houses.

Heavy rains also affected other areas of Western Ukraine, where the front of the cyclone has passed. Major flooding is caused not with the main rivers of the area but with clogged ditches and canals in the plains of the area.
Transcarpathian regional authority of water sector takes measures to reduce flooding.

12 diesel pumping stations are involved in the work and operate around the clock. In case of increasing water levels another 22 pumping stations are ready to run. Inter-regional water sector authorities assist the residents of the villages in cleaning of ditches and pumping of water from flooded areas.

04.06.2010 (09:38) UA-Reporter.


CJSC "Technika" is proud to point out our contribution to the struggle against the elements. All five diesel pumping stations set in the 2008-10 years were involved actively in flood elimination measures.